Consumer Internet

Myanmar Net Mini

Myanmar Net Mini
Portable Unlimited Internet

At just 4” x 4” the Mini is great for users on the go.

No Installation Needed

On-site activation means and you’re ready to use in all Myanmar Net areas across Yangon and Mandalay.

Shareable Internet

Connect up-to 3 wi-fi devices at once.
Up-to 3x stronger connections to Myanmar Net than via mobile phone.

Small & Powerful

Up-to 6-hours continuous video streaming on a single charge.

  • One-time Set-up Fees - 19,000 Ks
  • CPE Deposit - 10,000 Ks


Postpaid Unlimited Monthly Internet

- Plans start at 8,500 Ks/month

- Connect to all your family’s Wi-Fi devices

- Bonus access to all Myanmar Net Coverage areas with On-the-Go Account Cards


Other monthly internet plans are available.

  • One-time Set-up Fees - 19,000 Ks
  • CPE Deposit - 10,000 Ks
  • CPE Battery - 18,000 Ks
  • (lasts up to 4 hours during blackouts)

Save on data. Enjoy the internet on your terms.

Connect to Myanmar Net from all your personal Wi-Fi device, and choose the right prepaid option for you!

'A Wa Thone' Unlimited Internet Plans
  • Double the Speed on A Wa Thone phone internet packs
  • 16 Mbps speeds on the first 150-MB of data each day; then 1 Mbps speeds of unlimited data. Daily Quota resets at midnight.
Plan Price Valid 16 Mbps Speeds Speed after Daily Quota
1,000 Ks 5 Days 150 MB Daily Data Quota 1 Mbps
5,000 Ks 30 Days 150 MB Daily Data Quota 1 Mbps
8,500 Ks 30 Days - 1.7 Mbps
24,000 Ks 30 Days - 5.5 Mbps
Data Internet Plans
  • 50% Bonus for Data phone internet packs
  • Enjoy high-speed internet, at up to 16 Mbps speeds.
Plan Price Valid 16 Mbps Speeds Data Size
1,000 Ks 30 Days Always 2 GB
5,000 Ks 30 Days Always 11 GB

Other unlimited internet packages are available at Myanmar Net app.

Prepaid Top-Up Cards
  • Top-Up your Myanmar Net account to take control of your monthly internet plans and try the latest streaming services.

Myanmar Net Customer Service

Everyday Customer Support's Assistance from 9 AM to 7:30 PM

09 76-533-8440
               Telenor/Ooredoo Short code 8440