User Guide for A Wa Thone Data

To Connect Myanmar Net WiFi with Telenor SIM Card, please follow the instructions below.

User Journey

(1) Choose Myanmar Net WiFi.

When clicked Myanmar Net, you will see EAP Method.

(2) Click EAP method.

When clicked EAP method,you will see selection box at there,

(3) Choose SIM in EAP method.

(4) Press “Connect” Button. Be Pleasure using Myanmar Net WiFi with Telenor.

Please Download WiFi Profile from Here.
Firstly, to install WiFi Profile,user needs to use “Safari” Browser.

1. Installing WiFi Profile

After downloaded profile,

(1) Click "Allow" to open Settings.

After clicked "Allow"Button, you will see the following screen.

(2) Click "Install" Button.

After clicked "Install" Button for the first time,

(3) Click again "Install" Button.

After clicked "Install" in all steps,

(4) Click "Done" after installed.

(5) After installed Wifi Profile, you can see "Myanmar Net WiFi" in Profiles setting.

If user wants to remove Wi-Fi Profile again, please do like the following.

Go to > Setting > General > Profiles and Device Management > Myanmar Net Wifi > Remove Profile.

(1) Click "Remove Profile".

After clicked "Remove",

(2) Click "Remove" button.After all, this profile will disappear.


It is a new Internet Pack, introduced in partnership with Telenor Myanmar and Myanmar Net for our valued customers. Unlimited data packs for 3 days, 7 days and 30 days are available for your choice.
The existing A Wa Thone Cashback Pack 990 Ks,1490 Ks, 6990 Ks- has been continued. The new pack will be with WiFi with Free Telenor to Telenor 2,500 SMS.
No. Price Mobile Data WiFi Data Mobile & WiFi Data Validity Bonus Bonus Validity
1 990 Ks 300 MB Unlimited 3 Days 90 Ks 3 Days
2 1490 Ks 450 MB Unlimited 7 Days 190 Ks 3 Days
3 4990 Ks 2.5 GB Unlimited 30 Days 2500 Telenor to Telenor SMS 30 Days
4 6990 Ks 2 GB Unlimited 30 Days 990 Ks 3 Days
“You need to dial *979*18# from your Telenor SIM. All the above 4 options will pop up on your screen. You need to choose the pack you need to subscribe. Post successful plan subscription, you will get confirmatory SMS.
Note: This plan is only available in townships of Yangon & Mandalay having Myanmar Net WiFi Network. In case you try to subscribe to this plan from a location not covered by Myanmar Net, you will not be able to subscribe to the pack and get the error message.”
For Andriod, connect Myanmar Net WiFi in WiFi Setting. You have to go and choose MyanmarNet > EAP Method > SIM. If you phone supports multiple SIMs , please put Telenor SIM in SIM Slot 1. For iOS, please open Safari Browser and download WiFi profile from . After downloaded WiFi Profile,Connect Myanmar Net WiFi and can use easily.
User needs to change Setting only for the first time.It will automatically connect if user wants to use next time.To connect automatically,please open WiFi and it does not need to switch on Mobile Data..
In case you buy multiple A Wa Thone packs, your mobile data will stack with each individual packs and the validity will be used on best/highest validity. Data consuming will be from least to highest validity (1st 3 days pack, 2nd 7 days pack and 3rd 30 days pack). Since WiFi will be unlimited only the validity will get impacted.
You can buy as much as a customer wants.
Sorry. If you lose your SIM, you cannot use the pack. But if you find your SIM back while the pack is valid, you will get back the pack.
Yes, as they are separate packs. It depends on how user connects to Myanmar Net WiFi. There are two methods to connect to Myanmar Net. Using Myanmar Net UID and Password or using EAP Method -SIM via Telenor SIM.
For iOS users, please do “Forget Network” first and then you can download and install “WiFi Profile” to connect with EAP-SIM authentication method.
Mobile Data is completely depending upon the device you use and network your latch.
Example : if you have 4G device and latch on 4G network you will experience the best speed. For your mobile data which will be 20 Mbps + 1st 150 MB of daily usage on Myanmar Net Wi-Fi network, the customer will get a speed of 16 Mbps and any usage after daily quota customer can usage at a speed of 1 Mbps.