Business Internet

Reliable service which can be used for both Wireless and Fiber at a time.

The most Reliable Internet Service for the Businesses.

  • Dedicated Account Owner
  • 24 Hours Customer ticket resolutions
  • Deploy wireless and Fiber, both line at the same time and you can still access internet for up to 40 Mbps even after one line is down

Required to sign 6 months contract without down-payment.

Fixed Wireless

  • One Time Charges – 39,000 Ks
  • Deposit – 10,000 Ks


  • One Time Charges – 19,000 Ks
  • Deposit – 10,000 Ks

Redundant (Fixed Wireless + Fiber)

There are many other plans up to 1,000,000 kyats depend on their speeds.

  • Can access intranet at head office and branch offices at anytime even when the internet is not available by simply installing a local network at the head office.
  • CCTV can be viewed anytime.
  • Head office must be installed “Myanmar Net Visible IP” and “BIZ internet”. Branches must be installed any “Myanmar Net Monthly Internet”.

One Time Charges – 9,000 Ks

Deposit – 10,000 Ks

Monthly Fee – You can choose according to BIZ internet prices for 1 intranet line.