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Internet Price Change Announcement (24-06-2024)

Dear Valued Customers, We would like to respectfully inform you that internet speeds have been further increased for Myanmar Net users, and starting from July 2024 bill payment, the prices have been changed as follows. Myanmar Net is very grateful to those who have trusted Myanmar Net until now. . Myanmar Net Updated Price and […]

MMIA | Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar

MMIA (MM Insurance Agency) distributes Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar’s life insurance services in partnership with Myanmar Net. “Dai-ichi Life Insurance Myanmar” world class services will help you and your loved ones have a secure financial future, and MMIA will act as an intermediary to expand these services.

For more information on insurance
hotline: 09 765 444 150
Myanmar Net Stores

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CANAL+ for Myanmar Net Users

“Buy CANAL+ 1 month, get 1 month extra for Myanmar Net lovers”

It’s good news that buy CANAL+ 1 month, get 1 month extra for Myanmar Net postpaid users. From 2023 November 1st to 30th, anyone who buys Myanmar Net 31,000 Kyats plan will get one month extra for December.

If Myanmar Net other postpaid plan users want to get CANAL+ with promotion, can order a 11,900 kyats CANAL+ Only pack.

Available Channels –

CANAL+ Kyi Lite HD, CANAL+ Zat Lenn HD, CANAL+ Action HD, CANAL+ Mae Madi HD, CANAL+ Su Sann HD, CANAL+ Sports 1 HD, CANAL+ Sports 2 HD, CANAL+ Pu Tu Tue HD, CANAL+ Cha Tate HD, MRTV-4 HD, Channel7 HD, ThuKhuMa, ThuKhuMa2, Thrill HD, Kix HD, Hits, tvN, Celestial Classic Movies, MRTV, 5Plus, YTV, Fortune TV, ECTV, Colors Rishtey, Love Nature, Hits Movies, Maharbawdi, Channel K, Channel 9, MNTV, MRTV Entertainment, AXN, KBS World, Animax, Fight Box, MITV, Zee Cinema, Discovery Channel, Discovery Asia, Animal Planet, AFN, Global Trekker, Gametoon, Sony Max, ManU TV, Zee Anmol, Zing, Colors, MTV India, Trace Urban, Mezzo, Wataaa and Wsport

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CPE Battery

The CPE battery can be used in conjunction with Myanmar Net CPE to ensure that Myanmar Net postpaid users will be continued to access the internet when power outage.

  • It has many advantages than power bank in usability and security. So it is more suitable to use than power bank.
  • It can use with a full 12V output without switch from 5V to 12V plug cable.
  • It last longer 4 hours and has UPS function, so you can use it while charging.

Battery Price – 55,000 Kyats (Instant)

Installment – 6 months installment at 11,000 kyats per month

(First installment must be paid on the day the battery is first installed)

New Invention of Myanmar Net – TVie (Internet Set-top Box)

  • TVie is a unique combination of Internet Gateway and Traditional Set-top Box.
  • Be entertain with Karaoke, Movies, TV programs by either TV, Monitor (or) Mobile and Access Unlimited Internet.

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“Enjoy Myanmar Cast with Unlimited Internet”

  • Enjoy streaming of your favorite movies and entertainment programs from Myanmar Cast
  • All postpaid plans and prepaid packs will get FREE access to Myanmar Cast Streaming Service.

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Monthly Postpaid Plans

  • Full Connectivity at Home
  • Connect devices to CPE as much as you want
  • On-the-Go Account cards with Bonus access
  • in Myanmar Net coverage area

Popular Plan – 31,000 Ks, 22 Mbps

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Prepaid Packs

  • Unlimited Internet Packs starting from 1 Day – 300 Ks
  • High Speed Packs with huge volume of Data
  • FREE Access of Myanmar Cast

Popular Pack – AWT 35 Days 5,000 Ks 2.8 Mbps

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