Myanmar Net PLUS with “Better than Best” service is available in Yangon, Mandalay, Meiktila, Naypyidaw, Bogo, Taungoo and Mawlamyine Cities.

Better than Best Service

Dedicated Account Owners
Rapid Response On-Site Engineers
48 hours Customer ticket resolutions

There are up to MMK 120,000 Myanmar Net Plus Plan.

  • One Time Charges – 19,000 Ks
  • Deposit – 10,000 Ks

Required to sign 6 months contract ( without down-payment.

+ Value Added Services

  • Better than Best Service
  • TVie Device – FREE OTC & Monthly Fees
  • Myanmar Cast App – FREE Access of 1 Star Pack
  • CANAL+ App – FREE Access

Postpaid Unlimited Monthly Internet

+ Full Connectivity at Home
+ Connect Devices to CPE as much as you want
+ Bonus Access in every Myanmar Net Coverage Area with the On-the-Go Account Card
+ Myanmar CAST FREE Access

On-the-Go Account Card is the unique feature of Myanmar Net which included in every Monthly Internet Plans. It can manage subscribed plans and can access the internet not only just at home but also at all of Myanmar Net coverages Areas.

One Time Charges – 19,000 Ks
Deposit – 10,000 Ks

CPE Battery – 23,000 Ks
(last up to 4 hours)

*Raise your subscribed speed with 6 months contract.

Mini … The best performance with small size!

Full Connectivity at Home
– Small size with just 4” x 4” and has the best performance

Ready to Use & No Installation needed
– On-site activation and ready to use in all Myanmar Net Coverage areas across Myanmar

Shareable Internet
– Connect up to 3 Wi-Fi devices at once. Up to 3x stronger connection via mobile phone

Tiny & Light but Powerful
– Can carry lightly but with 6 hours long battery

  • One Time Charges – 19,000 Ks
  • Deposit – 10,000 Ks

Home, Offices and Businesses’ Network Services

  • LAN Network installing
  • IT Infrastructure quality upgrade
  • Can access intranet at head office and branch offices at anytime even when the internet is not available by simply installing a local network at the head office.
  • CCTV can be viewed anytime.
  • Head office must be installed “Myanmar Net Visible IP” and “PLUS fiber internet”. Branches must be installed any “Myanmar Net Monthly Internet”.

One Time Charges – 9,000 Ks

Deposit – 10,000 Ks

Monthly Fee – You can choose according to PLUS internet prices for 1 intranet line.