Internet Price Change Announcement (7 January 2022)

According to the Law amending the Union Tax Law; Internet Services commercial tax are needed to be increased, so the following Internet Services pricing have been changed without increasing the profits: The prices of “Awakyae Phone Internet” will not change.

The following prices will come into effect starting from January 8, 2022.

More detail,

Current PriceNew Price
8,500 Ks9,500 Ks
10,000 Ks11,000 Ks
12,000 Ks13,000 Ks
14,000 Ks15,000 Ks
16,000 Ks18,000 Ks
20,000 Ks22,000 Ks
24,000 Ks25,000 Ks
28,000 Ks30,000 Ks
32,000 Ks35,000 Ks
44,000 Ks48,000 Ks
64,000 Ks70,000 Ks