Internet Price Change Announcement (7 January 2022)

According to the Law amending the Union Tax Law; Internet Services commercial tax are needed to be increased, so the following Internet Services pricing have been changed without increasing the profits: The prices of “Awakyae Phone Internet” will not change. The following prices will come into effect starting from January 8, 2022. More detail, […]

Payment Statement for Myanmar Net Internet

Dear Valued Customers, We would respectfully like to inform you about the Myanmar Net Monthly Bill payment systems. Door-to-door bill collection service from Myanmar Net Staffs Making payments in Myanmar Net Stores Payments at Myanmar Net Authorized Resellers (Legal Sales Representatives)  Mobile Banking Payment systems of Yoma, AYA, KBZ, CB Bank, CB Pay and Citizens […]

Announcement of Myanmar Net Internet installation fee reduced to 18,000 kyats and installment plan

Dear Valued Customers. . . Myanmar Net always take care of our customers with utmost respect and priority, we respectfully would like to inform you that from November 16, 2021, Myanmar Net and Myanmar Net Plus internet installation fee will be reduced from 19,000 Kyats to 18,000 Kyats and starting from the first month of […]

Notification to Check Receipt SMS After Paying The Monthly Fees

Dear Valued Customers… We respectfully request that Myanmar Net Users who have a home collection service please check your SMS receipt every month after paying the monthly fee. You can confirm that your payment is successful by checking the SMS receipt.

Retail Stores are Close and Unpaid Bill Announcement

Dear Valued Customers… Due to the current COVID 19 outbreak, Myanmar Net stores will be temporarily closed from 17 to 25 July. The stores will reopen on July 26, so monthly unpaid bills can be paid from that date. We respectfully inform you in advance that all customers who have to pay their last monthly […]

“Announcement for Myanmar Net Prepaid Packs and On-the-Go Cards”

Dear Value Customers, Myanmar Net Awathone packs, Data packs and On-the-Go cards that were temporarily closed due to unexpected difficulties are now reusable. You will be able to access the remaining days or remaining data of the pack you are currently using with your previous username and password from 12 June 2021. Special thanks to […]

Announcement of Installation Fees Changed

Dear Valued Customers. . . Myanmar Net always take care of our customers with utmost respect and priority, is now facing monumental increase in general expenses. Due to the above reasons, we respectfully would like to inform you that the installation fees of Myanmar Net and Myanmar Net Plus will be changed from 9,000 kyats […]

Myanmar Net Customer Services Hotline Numbers

Dear Valued Customers, Kindly be inform you that please reach the dedicated hotline number at 09 765 444 150 to get the internet back as soon as possible after paying the unpaid bill. Regarding the new installation and any other requirements, please reach at 09 76533 8441 for Myanmar Net Plus plans (24,000 Kyats and above) and 09 76533 8440 for […]

Unpaid Bill Announcement (8 April 2021)

Hello… Recently, Myanmar Net has been working hard to provide door-to-door bill collection service despite various difficulties. We also try to open all Myanmar Net Stores almost daily. However, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience of internet cut off caused by some customers who do not pay their monthly fee for more than 2 months. […]

Packs Announcement

Dear Valued Customers, Althought Myanmar Net is always trying to make it convenient for the customers, Myanmar Net A Wa Thone packs, Data packs and On-the-go cards will be temporarily suspend starting today (17 March 2021) due to unexpected difficulties. Monthly Unlimited CPE internet plans are not included. The existing prepaid customers will be able […]